Consultation on religion, personal values and beliefs 2016


We are consulting on religion, personal values and beliefs in delivering person-centred care in pharmacy and would like to know the views of patients and the public, pharmacy professionals, employers and others.

The consultation asks about the wording on personal values and beliefs in the new standards for pharmacy professionals, due to come into effect in 2017 and about the guidance on the behaviours expected of pharmacy professionals in applying the standards.

The proposals would change the expectations of pharmacy professionals when their religion, personal values or beliefs might, in certain circumstances, impact on their ability to provide services, and shift the balance in favour of the needs and rights of the person in their care.

The proposed changes to the standards and guidance were prompted by feedback from the consultation on standards for pharmacy professionals and reflect the relevant legal framework of human rights and equality law.

This consultation is open for 12 weeks until 7 March 2017.

Read our consultation document to find out more about the proposals and how to give your feedback: