Consultation on how we set our fees


We are consulting on our fee review

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This consultation will help us develop our fees strategy, which is part of our long-term financial strategy to deliver a financially stable organisation that can effectively fund the cost of regulation.

In this consultation we are not proposing changes to the amount paid in fees by any of our registrants.

We need your views on:

  1. Our preference not to introduce differential fees for individual registrants, and instead to keep a flat fee structure.
  2. Our proposal to introduce a multi-year fees cycle for individual registrants.
  3. Whether we should explore charging for accrediting and re-accrediting, and for recognising and re-recognising, all education and training courses.

The consultation is open until 2 June 2021 and we welcome feedback from individuals and organisations. This will help us test our overall approach to fee setting, as well as the specific proposals.

The survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. If you do not wish to complete all the questions in one go, you will have the option to save your responses and to return to complete the survey at a later time.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) require a response. If you do not have a response to a question marked with an asterisk (*), please select ‘don’t know’.

Please read the consultation document and respond to our survey now - we look forward to hearing your views.

Read the consultation document to see our proposals in full [PDF 836 KB]


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